Cremation Plaque Keepsake Urns


Custom Cremation Keepsake Urns and Plaques

Unique cremation keepsakes help preserve lasting memories

Cremation plaques are special in that they can be displayed any home or office setting without directly appearing like a traditional urn.

There is no better way to remember a loved one who has passed on than with a beautiful cremation urn. Urns allow family members to keep their loved one near while protecting the earthly remains or another treasure memory. Shop our collection of keepsake urn plaques.

Pet Keepsake Urns

We understand that your feathered and four legged are loved family members. Any of our urns can be customized for your pet to create a loving tribute to your beloved pet or to provide to someone else who has lost a pet.

Pet Cremation Plaque Keepsake Urn

Cremation Plaque Urns


It's an Urn and a Plaque

Our products enable you to memoralize a special person in your life without letting go of their memory.


Discrete But Present

At first glance it doesn't look like an urn. Easily hang or mount your urn anywhere including your home or office!


Custom Messaging

Your plaque is created just for you. Customize the messaging with a tribute, poem, or your love one's favorite passage.

James C.

Thank you for providing such a discrete urn. I bought two for my wife. I keep one at home and one in my office she is always near. My clients that come to my office have no idea this plaque is really an urn.

Dana P.

Customer service was excellent. They helped me select a poem, and my urn was created and delivered to me in a matter of days!

Donald F.

Elegant hardwood urn. I was able to add a photo, and my inscription was added directly to the urn.