Cremation Plaques are a very unique patented cremation keepsake.

Cremation plaques do not have the traditional features of a typical urn or keepsake so it can be displayed in any home or office without drawing attention to the contents. This keepsake was designed to be a beautiful tribute to your loved one.


The cremation plaque is brought to you by Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service found at 3387 N. U.S. Highway 67, St. Louis, Missouri 63033. We are a licensed funeral home and cremation provider so we are very sensitive to the needs of our families we work with and their cremation and memorial needs.


There is no better way to remember a loved one who has passed on than with a beautiful cremation urn. Urns allow family members to keep their loved one near while protecting the earthly remains or another treasure memory. Click “HERE” to view our collection of keepsake urns.

Here at we understand that your feathered and four legged are loved family members. Any of our urns can be customized for your pet to create a loving tribute to your beloved pet or to provide to someone else who has lost a pet.Pet Cremation Plaques