Honor your loved ones.

The cremation keepsake plaque is brought to you by Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service found at 3387 N. U.S. Highway 67, St. Louis, Missouri 63033. Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service is a licensed funeral home and cremation provider. We are very sensitive to the needs of families that we work with and their cremation and memorial needs.

The Cremation Plaque is a unique cremation keepsake. Designed to be a beautiful tribute to your departed loved one, the cremation plaque does not have the traditional features of a typical urn or keepsake. These plaques can be displayed in any home or office without drawing attention to the contents which is discreetly housed in the back of the plaque. Our plaques are fully customizable with any message that helps you remember your loved ones. You can share a poem, a prayer or any message that expresses your sentiment. We are happy to help you craft a message if you need.

Discover the world’s first fully customizable cremation keepsake memorial tributes.

Cremation Plaques | Cremation Keepsakes

Suggested Uses:
Keepsake Urn: Holds a portion of cremated remains in a discreet storage section on the back of the plaque.
Memorial Keepsake: Instead of remains, this is a safe place to store a lock of hair or small memorials such as a wedding ring or charm.
Memorial Tribute: Create as a lasting tribute to the departed loved one by customizing the message and picture. We provide beautiful memorials for the military.
Pet Memorial: We customize all our cremation keepsakes, to honor your four-legged or feathered family members.

Protected by a U.S. Patent Number: US 9,334,669, the Cremation Plaque Keepsake Urn cannot be duplicated. The United States Patent Office granted the patent to Larry T. Byndon on May 10, 2016. For nearly 20 years, Larry T. Byndon has created beautiful memorials as a licensed funeral director in Missouri and Illinois. Mr. Byndon is President and Founder of Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service.

“I understand your cremation memorial tribute needs and will use the same care and compassion I apply everyday as I help lay loved ones to rest. My goal is to bring you innovative cremation keepsakes so that you can have a long lasting cherished memorial.” Larry Byndon