Personalized urn message
Cremation Urns
By Larry Byndon / July 24, 2020

Unique Cremation Urns

Cremation Keepsakes provides you with a subtle way to keep your passed love ones close. Ashes are encased inside in...

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Classic Silver Cremation Urn
Cremation Urns
By Larry Byndon / September 19, 2019

Classic Silver Cremation Urn Review.

The classic silver cremation urn is a timeless urn that is perfect fo the indivisual that would appreciate an elegant urn that is yet simple. Don't forget to order you cremation plaque keepsake urn to compliment your classic silver cremation urn.

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Cremation Keepsake Urn
By Larry Byndon / June 9, 2017

Cremation Keepsakes Urns & Overcoming Grief

What do Cremation Keepsakes and overcoming grief have in common? In life, there are very few things worse than losing...

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Cremation Plaques
By Larry Byndon / May 10, 2017

Keepsake Urns: A Lasting Tribute

Hello again, everyone and welcome back to Cremation Keepsakes! I have been busy working on adding information to our website...

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By Larry Byndon / April 9, 2017

Welcome to Cremation Plaque Keepsake Urns

Hello all, welcome to Cremation Plaque Keepsake Urns! My name is Larry and I am the owner and creator of...

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Everything Cremation and Funeral Related

This blog  will provide product information, insights, and stories about everything cremation and funeral related. Provide reviews of all kinds of funeral products as well as interviews with people in the funeral industry. We will also provide information about our custom keepsake urns as well. These keepsake cremation urns allow you to keep a portion of your loved ones cremains, a lock of hair, or any other small item in a compartment behind the frame. You can display these plaque urns anywhere you like. Place them in your living room, bedroom, or on your desk at the office. No matter where you are, your loved one will be close to you. We hope that these cremation keepsake plaques will give you a sense of peace knowing your loved one is with you. We provide personalization by engraving special messages, poems, or bible verses on the plaque.

Cremation Plaque Keepsake Urns are brought to you by Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service, a licensed funeral home and cremation provider found at 3387 N. U.S. Highway 67, St. Louis, Missouri 63033. We have many years experience in helping families memorialize their loved ones. We wanted to provide families a special way to honor their loved ones in a traditional and discreet manner with keepsake urns.

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