Keepsake Urns: A Lasting Tribute

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Hello again, everyone and welcome back to Cremation Keepsakes! I have been busy working on adding information to our website about our Keepsake Urns so that you are able to create the perfect memorial for your loved ones. Hopefully by now you have visited our website and noticed all of the options that we have to offer. At Cremation Keepsakes, you can customize all the details of your Cremation Keepsake. Whether you prefer a classic engraving or laser engraving, you will be amazed by all the personalization you can do to make your Keepsake Urn a one of a kind tribute. Our Cremation Keepsakes are so unique, they are patented. I handcraft them here in St. Louis at my funeral home, so they are manufactured in the U.S.

 Customizeable Keepsakes

I encourage you to look at all of the different woods that we have from an elegant Red Alder, to a beautiful Solid Walnut. Many of our clients order multiple copies of the same keepsake so that everyone in the family can have this special tribute for their loved ones.This way each member of the family will be able to share their loved ones cremains. This solves the problem of where to keep the remains of a loved one by allowing everyone to have their own Cremation Keepsake. We take pride in offering the finest material and most customizable Keepsake Urns on the market today. Our product is not only pleasing to the eye and discreet, they are also going to blend wonderful with the rest of your home decor.

We Are Here When You Are Ready

Losing a loved one is a difficult and painful process. My hope is that our Keepsake Urns will help bring a sense of peace and comfort to you and your families as you navigate this difficult time. Many people come to me for a cremation keepsake months or even years after someone’s passing. They are at that point, ready for that reminder and memorial to their loved ones.

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