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/ July 24, 2020/ Cremation Urns

Cremation Keepsakes provides you with a subtle way to keep your passed love ones close.

Ashes are encased inside in such a way that it’s not immediately apparent that the contents are an urn but at the same time the presentation reflects the memory of the ashes within. Unique urns are also a great way to keep the spirit of your loved ones alive after they’ve passed. We offer a wide array of distinctive colors and design features, that will encapsulate the character of your loved one. Our uniquely designed custom urns are great way to memorialize both human and pet remains. We will be with you from start to finish to help you perfectly customize an urn that fits your needs.

Messages and Tributes

Once you have picked out the perfect plaque, each urn is crafted with your message, tribute, or poem. You are able to customize your urn with the content of your choosing. Your perfectly crafted message can be up to two hundred characters. If you’re short on inspiration, we have a selection of meaningful tribute messages that help convey the endearing memory of your loved one. To add extra personalization to your message, you are able to choose the font and style of your choosing.

Personalized urn message


Featuring hardwood and an included stand, urns are available in a number of different wood species. Our customers have the option to choose between walnut, red adler, and more. We also have the options to choose between different finishes such as gold trim on black. In addition to picking the wood and trim finishes, you also have the option to add a laser-engraved image of your loved one on the urn. A picture is a great way to add extra customization to your keepsake urn.

Unique engraved urn picture

Display Options

Our uniquely designed urns are created to be a discreet and convenient way to display and keep your loved ones ashes around. Each urn comes with a display stand so right out of the box it can be placed on a mantel or flat surface. You can also hang it on a wall or mount it on a flat surface depending on your desired location. Our display options are ideal for an office, home, or any wall space. Along with a display stand, your urn purchase also comes with an cremation remains removal tool along with a bag for ash remains or any other personal belonging such as a wedding ring. The subtly of your unique urn will make it an ideal option for your loved ones remains.

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