Wall Mounted Urns

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Mounting an urn is one way to help keep the memory of loved ones close.

Traditional urns tend to either be exposed to knocks/accidental crashes. Wall mounted urns lend themselves to be highly visible while practical as they are out of easy reach of way of children and pets. Our customizable, wall mounted urns are a perfect way to memorialize your loved one while also keeping their remains close.

Peace of Mind

Traditional urns usually sit on a fireplace, mantel or even a bed side table. While these are all acceptable to places to place your loved ones ashes, hanging an urn on a wall is a great way to ensure the ashes are secured. Accidents happen all the time, so being able to hang such a valuable possession, can give you peace of mind. Our plaque-styled urns are perfect for efficient wall hanging. Traditional urns are bulky and can take up a lot of space on dresser tops and other surfaces.

Visibility & Presence

Wall mounted urns also allow for high visibility and allow you to place the ashes essentially anywhere. Our urns are customizable and don’t look like traditional urns. Your unique urn can be hung up right beside pictures in your house or even in your office. Whatever your choice of setting, our urns will blend in perfectly with your decor. Wall mounted urns are a great way to uniquely display your loved ones remains. Let the look and feel of your wall urn blend into the features of any room thanks to a variety of finishes and colors including solid walnut, red adler,  and black with gold trim.

More Than Just a Frame

Our unique wall urns aren’t just frames that hold ashes; they hold memories and can feature a photo, passage, or a special message. Concerned about the look

Not only are our cremation plaques super unique and customizable, they are also easy to hang and display wherever you please.

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