Custom Engraved Urns

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Our engraved urns are the world’s first completely customizable urn. We want you and your family to be able to honor your loved one in a way that is unique and personalized. Losing a loved one is a very vulnerable time for everyone involved. Our customizable urns are a great way to uniquely honor the deceased. We offer many different options so you are able to tailor the plaque to your liking.


With each custom engraved urn, you have the option to add your own personalized message. This message can be a poem, verse or anything else of your choosing. We also have some pre-populated messages if you so choose to use ones that our team have curated. Along with a personalized message, you can also add in the name and birth and death date of your loved one.

Custom Cremation Keepsake Picture Urns

Font and Plaque Type

We offer two font options for your plaque:

  1. Block Letters
  2. Script

Along with choosing the font color of your choice, you can also pick the style of plaque you would like. We offer two different wood options. These wood options can include plaques with an image or without:

  1. Red Adler
  2. Walnut

Each of our engraved urns are 8’x10′. In addition to the custom engraving on the urns, each plaque also includes a safe place in the back for the remains, a bag for the remains and a remains removal tool.

Our cremation plaques are the perfect way to memorialize a loved one that has passed on and put a lasting touch on your loved ones remains.

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