Memorial Urn Plaques for Pets

/ October 21, 2020/ Cremation Urns

Pets are just as much as part of a family as any human.

Pet owners can agree that each pet has their own personality and characteristics that often sometimes mirror that of their own family or even themselves. So when you lose a pet it can be just as devastating as losing a human family member.

We’re here to make sure there is a way for you to memorialize your special furry or feathered friend by offering unique urn plaques. Just like our urn plaques for humans, we offer unique ways to customize your plaque for a perfect memorial.

Personalized Engraved Pet Urns

Our engraved urns are the world’s first completely customizable urns. Our engraved options are a great way to add your own unique flare to your pet’s memorial urn. Adding a message to your pet’s urn is a great way to personalize the urn and add a message that will last a lifetime. You can add a poem, favorite verse or even your own personalized message to your pet’s keepsakes

We offer 3 types of engraved urn options:

  • Single Plate Urns
  • Simplicity Urns
  • Laser Engraved Urns

Each of our options allow you to choose your font of choice and enter the message you would like to use. With our Laser Engraved and Single Plate Urn options, you also have the option to add a picture of your pet to the urn. Your furry or feathered friend will be pictured to the left our personalized message.

Wood Options

We offer two different types of hardwood options for your urn:

  • Red Adler
  • Solid Walnut

Our beautiful hardwood urns are laser engraved with the personalized message and image of your choice.

Just like our customizable human urns, our pet urns are designed to be discrete and hang anywhere. We want you to be able to display your memorial urn in your office or hang it in your home. If you’re interested in customizing a pet urn, shop your options for memorial urns for pets today.

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