Creating a Memorial Space with a Wall Plaque Urn

/ January 28, 2021/ Cremation Urns

Many think of grief and bereavement as one step in the healing process following the death of a loved one.

The journey can be a lifelong process, however. Creating a place in your home to honor your loved one gives you a physical space to mourn and offers comfort with fond memories to view and hold. If you’ve chosen cremation for the deceased, a wall plaque urn can anchor the memorial space and center the belongings and mementos of the one who has passed.

Choose the space in your home appropriate for a memorial area. You may choose to have a memorial wall with the plaque urn surrounded with photos of your loved one and items such as their college diploma, old greeting cards and more. The wall can be a prominent feature in your living area or a private place in a less used room.

If you choose to accompany your wall plaque urn with a shelf or table, consider including flowers, seasonal decorations, a special stuffed animal or religious memorabilia. The memorial space involves more than visual senses. The smell of a scented candle or feel of a soft blanket can evoke special memories. There is no time limit for the presence of a memorial space. As death itself is intangible, a memorial space is a palpable way to feel connected to your loved one.

The beautiful centerpiece of a wall plaque urn is as practical as it is beautiful. They are highly visible, protected from accidental tipping or breakage, and customizable to reflect the unique life of your loved one. This customization makes it possible for a wall urn to fit into any décor. Wall plaque urns are more than frames. They are a complete reflection of the life and history of your loved one and can be made to show exactly how special the individual was during life.

Cremation Keepsakes offers gorgeous wall plaque urns personalized to your needs. Memorialize your loved one and celebrate their whole being with a memorial space and wall plaque urn. Call the professionals at Bi-State Cremation and Funeral Services at (314) 831-8868 today.

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