Hanging a Wall Urn

/ March 31, 2021/ Cremation Urns

Congratulations on your choice of a cremation plaque wall urn.

We know you will be happy with the quality of your personalized wall mounted urn. You’ll want to make certain that it is mounted securely in place to honor your deceased loved one for years to come. Here are a few quick tips to help you hang the urn:

  • Most wall urns will be hung on drywall. Several older homes may have plaster walls, which is thicker and harder than drywall. If you are not certain, try using a pushpin. It will go easily into drywall, but not plaster. Most drywall thickness is either 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch. Plaster thickness can be up to 1 1/4 inch, so different screws may be needed to ensure a proper foundation.
  • It is a good idea attach your urn to a stud. Stud finders will come in handy, as they can detect the edges and center of a stud. Experienced decorators might use a knuckle to knock along the wall horizontally at about one inch intervals. The noise will go from hollow to solid when you hit the stud.
  • Make sure to choose the right mount for your wall material. Examine the hardware on the back of your urn to see what you will need. You may want to use metal or plastic wall anchors. Stick on hooks or non- nail options such as 3M Command products are not recommended for long term use.
  • Make sure you have all tools on hand. A power drill, screwdriver, hammer, pencil, measuring tape and/or level should be at arm’s length when you are ready to mount your wall urn.
  • Take measurements. If you are using more than one anchor, know how far apart they should be, and measure the distance from the top of the wall urn to the edge and to the center of the fastener.

You will cherish your loved one with a special place in your home for a memorial urn plaque. Let Cremation Keepsakes create a beautiful cremation plaque keepsake urn personalized for the unique memory of your special loved one. Call us at (314) 831-8868 or order your personalized wall urn online today.

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