How to Fill a Cremation Urn

/ May 27, 2021/ Cremation Urns

While experiencing the emotional loss of your loved one, you also have the daunting task of handling their ashes following cremation.

It is important to decide who will take responsibility for the physical remains of your loved one while respecting the wishes of the one who passed and your own well-being. Options include transferring the ashes yourself and having the funeral home assist you.

Ashes are returned to you in a sealed container such as a plastic bag and inside a plastic or cardboard box. You may wish to place them in a display cremation urn, keepsake urn or cremation plaque. There are many choices and customizations available that will uniquely reflect the life of your loved one. Cremation Plaques can help you choose just the right vessel. View some of our special cremation urn ideas. Our urns enable you to easily place a plastic bag in the back but if you’re not using one of our cremation urns, then these tips can help.

To transfer ashes from the original container to a cremation urn or plaque yourself, make sure you have the correct materials and setting in place. You will need the box of ashes, chosen cremation urn or plaque, a towel or newspaper, scissors, funnel, gloves and sealant if your vessel needs a permanent seal. Make sure your workspace is level with good lighting and protection from air movement.

Place the towel or other covering on the work surface. Place the urn on top of this surface and remove the lid. Then place the funnel into the opening of the urn. With the original plastic bag of ashes still sealed, cut a small diagonal hole in one corner of the bag. This will allows for better control. Pour the ashes slowly through the funnel. Tap the sides of the funnel gently against the urn to settle the ashes. Place the lid on back on the urn and close tightly. Use the sealant if you desire a permanent seal. If the urn is large enough, you can simply place the entire plastic bag unopened into the urn and close.

Don’t be afraid to ask the personnel at the funeral home or crematorium to do it for you. These professionals are happy to provide the service, and there is no charge for transferring the ashes of your loved one. The act of transferring ashes may sound daunting, but it can offer an opportunity for closure after loss. For guidance throughout this process, call Cremation Plaques and Bi-State Cremation and Funeral Service at 314-831-8868.

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