Cremation Urns – See Them in Person

/ June 30, 2021/ Cremation Urns

Just about anything you want or need can be bought online. Some purchases, however, warrant an in-person visit.

If you are considering a cremation urn or plaque following the death of a loved one, consider skipping the pretty pictures and descriptions online. Visit Bi-State Cremation and Funeral Service at our convenient Florissant location to learn what you can’t from an online ad.

Our selection will not overwhelm you. Instead of dozens of websites that offer dozens of similar options, our experts will listen to your needs and your budget. We will show you just the right quality products that can be tailored to reflect the unique attributes of your loved one. You will feel good about your purchase of a cremation urn or plaque.

You can experience the product you buy. It is impossible to know the quality of a product from an online picture, and customer reviews are not always reliable. When you purchase a cremation urn or plaque from us, you can feel the quality and see the beauty of our products. We understand that this purchase is an emotional one. You only want the best for your loved one, and that is what we offer.

Good customer service is at the forefront. Go ahead, ask us questions about the materials, customization options and even how to fill the creation urn or plaque. From the time you walk in the door, it is our goal to make you feel welcome and free to contact us for any reason after your purchase.

Time is often of the essence. When purchasing a cremation urn or plaque, you don’t want to weeks for an online purchase that may not be the right size or quality. Accuracy and quality are important, so order your cremation urn or plaque with us in person.

Your loved one deserves the thought, quality and beauty we offer in our cremation plaques or urns. Call us today at (314) 831-8868 to make an appointment for an in-person look at our patented memorial keepsakes.

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