Coping with Grief

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Coping with GriefProcessing the death of a loved one is an individualized experience. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and going through grief is more than emotional. It may diminish your wellbeing from disruption of sleeping, eating and withdrawal from relationships. The toll of sadness, shock, anger or even numbness can last a few days or a few months. Begin with acknowledging you are going through a major loss, and review these suggestions to help you cope and recover.

Be patient. Grieving is necessary. Unfortunately, you cannot put a deadline on grief. Allow it to happen naturally, and don’t judge yourself for not healing as quickly as you would like. You may want to set aside time during the week to experience your feelings. This can be especially useful to those who might otherwise have issues expressing their emotions. Many individuals throw themselves into work or another activity to avoid feeling. However, this just puts off the inevitable. The only way to make peace with the death of a loved one is to go through the grief process, not around it.

Be with others. Your support network can be one of the best ways to cope with grief. Talk about your loss with friends and family. Seek out someone who has also experienced a similar loss. Ask for help with planning or household chores if you feel overwhelmed. Reassure others that you are not looking for them to fix anything. Just their presence and a friendly ear can go a long way towards healing.

Be active. This may include a creative activity. Journaling your experience might help you sort through the feelings of grief. Creating a memory board of your loved one for the ceremony, or create a slideshow of photos to play at the funeral. . This will remind you of the positive impact your loved one had on your life. You may want to enjoy physical activity. Take a walk, ride a bike, or dance around your living room. Engaging in physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that create feelings of relaxation and happiness.

Be predictable. Keeping a routine of daily activities keeps you connected with the world. Familiarity is important when strong grief is unfamiliar territory. Don’t make any major life decisions right after suffering a loss. As time heals your wounds, you will recognize that waiting on changes until the waters are still is best. You should give yourself time to adjust to your new normal.

Be hopeful. There will be a day that the pain is less, and you will be left with the wonderful memories of your loved one. If you find difficulty moving on, consider joining a support group or seeking professional help. Losing a loved one changes your world; it does not end it. Looking to the future with hope can also help you cope with their loss.

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