Pet Keepsake Urns

pet keepsake urns

Cremation Keepsakes are not just for your human family members you want to memorialize but can be made for family pets also as pet keepsake urns. They can be for your pets who are for many like family members. These animals become such a part of the family that when they pass it’s difficult to replace the loving memories we had with them.  They touch everyone’s lives they come across with their loyalty and loving comfort.

Memorializing your pet with a beautiful keepsake plaque urn would allow you to keep a part of them with you. We can custom make every plaque urn for your dog, cat, bird or any other family pet who you want to memorialize. Just choose any of our pet urn designs below. We have a variety of customizable options to choose from to fit your needs. If you don’t see something that you like please contact us and we can accommodate your taste. Contact us at 314-831-8868 or send us an email at

Keep your pet’s memory alive with one of our customizable cremation plaque pet urns.

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pet keepsake urn

Laser Engraved Pet Keepsake Urn

Red Alder Pet Keepsake Urn

Red Alder Cremation Picture Pet Urn

Single Plate Pet Keepsake Urn

Single Plate Pet Keepsake Urn

Solid Walnut Pet Keepsake Urn

Solid Walnut Pet Keepsake Urn