Single Plate Pet Keepsake Urn


The Single Plate Cremation Plaque Keepsake Picture urn is the world’s first totally customizable keepsake urn. This elegant cremation plaque keepsake can be customized with your desired bible verse, personal message, poem etc. You can upload your desired photo to help create a lasting one of a kind memorial tribute to the one you cared so much for.

These urns were designed to be discrete. and can be displayed in your home or office placed on the wall or on its included stand not attracting attention to the contents that are stored in the compartment on the rear of the urn.

Let’s create your lasting tribute

  1. Upload your desired photo
  2. Choose your style of font
  3. Type in your tribute message to be engraved


Name of Dearly Departed *

Your Loved One’s Date of Birth and Death

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Photo Upload *

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There is no better way to remember loved ones who have passed on than with our beautiful Single Plate Pet Keepsake Urn. Cremation Plaque Keepsake Urns are brought to you by Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service, a licensed funeral home and cremation provider found at 3387 N. U.S. Highway 67, St. Louis, Missouri 63033.

Included with this purchase:

Picture Urn Stand | Cremation Keepsakes


  • 8×10 Single Plate Cremation Plaque
  • Stand to display Cremation Plaque
  • Cremation Removal tool
  • Bag for safe storage of a portion of cremains



Uses for Single Plate Pet Keepsake Urn:

  • Safe storage for a portion of cremated remains
  • Secure storage for lock of hair
  • Storage for small memorial items such as wedding rings


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